Bruce {EVangel} Parmenter's S-10 Blazer conversion Electric Vehicle (EV)
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12/00 images of work progress:

Mike Slominski has mounted the NG5 where the Solectria BC-1600 was, and rearranged the two K2 220 VAC Zivan chargers. I had the two remaining K2 120 VAC chargers repaired by Greg McCrea. Mike will now have to do some metal surgery to get just one of the K2 120 VAC zivan chargers mounted (fitting the outercase is the difficult part). The front grill now has:

6-15 K2 220 VAC 2.5 kw Zivan
6-15 K2 220 VAC 2.5 kw Zivan
6-15 NG5 220 VAC 5 kW Zivan
5-15 K2 120 VAC 1 kW Zivan
5-15 cable running up to the top of the rear battery box for external charger power
5-15 aux power to the internal 5-15 duplex receptacle mounted at the side of the rear battery box
         and powers the battery heaters

I have turned my Blazer into Mike's Auto Care to change my Charger setup (two 2.5 kw Zivan K2 220 VAC chargers, one 5 kw Zivan NG3 220 VAC charger, and a 120 VAC chargers.

Mike has removed the Solectria BC-1600 120 VAC charger, and three of the Zivan 120 VAC chargers.

Here is the plastic shroud that Mike made to cover the chargers. This reduces the amount of road dirt/contamination, thus reduces charger failure.

The AVCON adapter made it all happen :-) 

I recently dropped a wad of cash on several different 'improvements'. I was testing different ideas, for others to benefit from. One of which was to 'Put my money where my mouth was'. I had always stated that if one wanted a faster charge, just use a bigger outlet and a bigger charger, or multiple chargers in parallel. 

I have already proven that with 2 2.5 kw 220 VAC chargers, and 4 1 kw 120 VAC chargers all on pumping power to my pack, I can recharge my pack from dead to 80% in two hours, repeatedly. This is the same method I used to go to Sacramento and back, using multiple charges (it was a heck of a lot of fun too). 

132V & 6 charger design (Upgrade Project steps described below)

Final battery pack load testing and button-up was complete. I drove it home to prepare for the many EVents that I needed to take my EV to (Earthday around the corner). Afterward I hope to complete some minor body and paint work.

All in one meter installed in dash. Heater control unit installed in coin holder. New 132 VDC battery pack has three battery pulsers mounted across the pack. The Slominski cruise control that lock the current rather than the speed is in place. The goal is to keep the current draw low for low trips. My thanks to Clare Bell for all the assistance she gave Mike with the upgrade (1999).

Special black plastic battery box covers to enclose exposed wiring. Chargers mounted where the gas tank was, with the AC power lines wired to the front grill. One Solectria 120V, three 120 VAC Zivans, two 220 VAC Zivans. Approximately 10 kw  (4 * 1.2 kw + 2 * 2.5 kw) of available charging capacity (1998).

Start of upgrade project. Work by Mike's Auto Care (1997). Front battery is redesigned to accommodate the taller T-145 batteries. Two battery boxes will be designed and added on the sides of the rear battery box (one on each side). Thermostatic battery heater plates mounted in both front and rear. A new Jefferson regen controller was installed and took an extremely long time to make (some what) work. Then the company dropped support on the controller ($5000 for the prototype controller for-not - better me than you). Weird Jefferson controller wiring changed over, and original Auburn Scientific Controller reinstalled (thanks Auburn).
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